Our company is known throughout the state of Florida for its efficient and timely procurement of apostilles and other notorial services.


Speedy notary services are a hard thing to find in the Big Bend, particularly in Tallahassee, Quincy, Monticello and on the FSU and FAMU campuses. We offer in person notary and apostille services at 400 Capital Circle SE, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Or call 850-942-5422.

Absentee Trucking Licenses

For those commercial drivers and commercial truckers looking to take care of getting tags or other legal documentation from the Florida Department of Transportation, our company will provide the fastest most efficient way to obtain these licenses. Provide us with a power of attorney and the information necessary to procure these Department of Transportation tags and Florida Trucker Tag services will send them directly to you.

Only the Finest Apostille Services

Whether getting a notary, apostille or other form of license in the state of Florida to be used in the United States or in another country, Florida Apostille Services and Tallahassee Notary Services offers the best and most convenient options. Call 850-321-0455 today!

Getting Your Vehicle Tag in Florida

Professional, courteous and fast, Florida Truckers Tag Services will provide the finest in notary and apostille services in the Big Bend region and throughout Florida.

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One simple phone call and you can get your apostille and notary needs solved immediately!

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